Buyers Agent

Empowering the buyer

This service informs buyers to find the right property. Whats included;

  • Buyer agent will attend up to 5 viewings within a three month period
  • Agent will give a detailed report on the house including potential repairs and their cost
  •  Agent will give a valuation figure based on their experience of the market
  • Agent will also help negotiate a fair price for the property
  • If repairs are required Centra can source reputable builders and qualified tradesman
  • Centra will undertake regular on site visits during renovation work to ensure work is being completed on time and done to a high standard

Conveyance Agent

Overseeing the sale

Here at Centra we understand the busy schedules of our professional clients. That’s why we have developed this service. Our trained advisers will liaise with estate agents, solicitors and surveyors to get the property to completion.

service includes;

  • Arranging access for survey with estate agent
  • Receiving and analysing the survey report 
  •  Liaising with estate agent to gain access for builder, engineer  to the property
  • Gathering updates from solicitors and relaying to client at pre-agreed times
  • Maintain communication with estate agents and solicitors throughout to help ensure sale goes to completion
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