We offer a free 30 minute consultation over the phone to help determine how we might best be able to help

If after the initial consultation you are happy with our service and cost then we will email you requesting some additional details so we can create a client account and get authorisation from HMRC to make submissions on your behalf

It is a simple process to move over to Centra. We will send a letter to your current accountant for your financial file and any other documents they hold from HMRC. Once we receive the information we will notify HMRC and create a client account.

Our clients who earn over £32k typically manage to save an additional 22-30% of their yearly income after the training

Typical returns are around 16-20% and take around 6-8 months to complete

Not only are you able to speak with an advisor on the phone at a time that is convenient for yourself, you are able to get help and advice on a wealth of different topics from money management, property renovation, fund investment to impartial legal advice

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